Gravity Bongs 101: Everything You Need to Know About These Bad Boys

It is actually a water bong that makes use of gravity to drag the smoke in to the holding chamber. In essence, it is actually a DIY bong produced from a plastic jar as well as a gravity bong pail water. Gravitational pressure bongs can be done with either a pan or a slip.

How does a Gravity Bong Job?

A gravity bong functions using the pressure of gravitational forces to draw the cigarette smoke in the holding chamber. To do this, you have to have a container or glide attached to the bottom part from the jar. The container will be located upside down inside the container of water. When you lighting the bowl or glide, the light up will quickly load the package. After the package is total, you are able to take it out of the liquid and suck in the smoke.

Smoking from your gravity bong has several positive aspects over other strategies for smoking. Very first, it enables you to consume a lot more smoke cigarettes in a single struck. Simply because the entire chamber is loaded with cigarette smoke prior to taking your success.

Next, it cools along the smoke cigarettes prior to breathe in it. This may cause for any softer and much more pleasant using tobacco practical experience. Lastly, it is actually incredibly easy to make the gravity bong in your own home with just a couple household goods.

Kinds of Gravity Bongs:

The two main kinds of gravitational pressure bongs: bowl and glide. Bowl gravitational pressure bongs are the most frequent sort. They may be manufactured by affixing a bowl to the bottom of the package. Slide gravitational pressure bongs are less frequent, but they give you a few positive aspects over pan bongs.

Slide bongs offer a better using tobacco expertise since the light up is just not in contact with fresh air until you are prepared to breathe in it. This may cause for the chillier and more enjoyable hit. Slip bongs will also be much easier to crystal clear than bowl bongs.


If you’re looking for a new strategy to enjoy your preferred plant, check out the gravity bong. Utilizing merely a plastic container as well as a pail of water, gravitational forces bongs permit you to consider massive hits of smooth, awesome cigarette smoke. In addition, they’re easy and entertaining to help make in your house! Give a single a try nowadays and discover for yourself why countless smokers appreciate cigarette smoking from the gravity bong.